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Art of Publishing

Founded by Will Fulford and Andy Cantillon with a mission to work with the world’s most exciting artists, writers and photographers to publish unique books and limited edition fine art prints while also offering a better deal for everyone.

Andy Cantillon

Award winning art photographer (Paris Match, Vogue, Der Spiegel)

Andy is the company’s creative driving force, having worked extensively as a professional photographer (front page of Paris Match, Vogue, Der Spiegel), magazine Photo Editor (GQ, Conde Nast Traveller, Ferrari) and Director of Photography for luxury publisher Opus (Vivienne Westwood, Ferrari, Manchester United and Formula 1 Opuses).

These experiences come together in books like the Art of the Race series with Darren Heath, the top photographer working in Formula 1, and NME award winning Mr Rotten’s Scrapbook.

Will Fulford

Business start-ups & academic

Will oversees financial and company matters, bringing expertise in setting up and growing successful companies across a broad range of different sectors.

As well as publishing, Will is co-founder in ventures that span the worlds of property, street theatre and regenerative farming. He is also Treasurer of Camden Town Unlimited, which has just launched London’s version of New York’s Highline, and a published academic with a PhD on the cultural value of street markets.

Our approach: A better deal for artists.

Even with well established writers and photographers, conventional publishers only offer a tiny slice of profits to the artist who created the content. Around 5% would be standard and 15% is almost unheard of. On top of this, the percentage often only applies after a certain number of books have been sold, often in the thousands. We experienced exactly this scenario trying to get our own work published. It felt like the system was stacked up against the artist, which is when it hit us: “there must be a better way”.

Art of Publishing was founded on the principle of a more collaborative approach where risk and reward are shared equally between publisher and artist. Each project is different. Typically we don’t offer advances for material but instead offer a much greater percentage of the profits, usually 50%. We find this collaborative approach highly effective at creating the best possible showcase for the artist’s work while not artificially inflating production costs through swanky headquarters and expensive salaries. Of course, we won’t just publish any artist’s work. We need to believe in the quality of the content and its ability to reach a wide enough audience. But if we do believe it has the right kind of audience… then welcome to a better way to publish books.